The Buying Process

Search for a home!

The biggest decision, next to which home you are going to make yours is who you want to work with!  I give each of my clients 100% of my time and dedication and ask for the same back.  I realize there are LOTS of Realtors out there, but the key is finding the right one that not only listens to you but with whom you share a mutual respect & trust. 


My rule is when you see a home that you would be heartbroken if it sold tomorrow, then this is the home you make an offer on.  If not, then we keep on looking, regardless if that means 20 more homes or 200; I won’t stop until we find the perfect fit!


I never want there to be any surprises, especially when it comes to money out of your pocket.  First and foremost let me start by saying that it does not cost you anything to have my representation as your Realtor.  I am paid by the seller and only if and when you close on your new home.  You will not spend anything until you both find the home you want to move forward in making an offer on. 


The first check you would write will be when we officially write up an offer.  I will need to collect an earnest money check, also known as your good faith money.  This is a mini deposit on the home and is always your money going towards the purchase of the home.  Typically your earnest money check is 1% of the purchase price and will be deposited within 24 hours of your offer being accepted.


Once your offer is accepted, it’s inspection time…Our detailed home inspections prices vary on the size of the home but you can expect it to be anywhere from $265-$395.  If you choose to test for radon; it will be $150 – unless there are multiple foundations such as a partial basement and partial crawlspace, then you will need an additional monitor for each foundation at $75 per additional monitor.


Your attorney ranges from $350-$500 and while for the buyer is not required, but highly recommend. They are financially & legally looking out for your best interest and work behind the scenes throughout the sale and if there are any major issues step in to help.  I have a detailed list of everything your attorney handles and will have you sign a waiver if you choose not to work with an attornrey.   


There always could be unforeseen expenses such as after the home inspection we need to get an estimate from a roofer, plumber or electrician if items found on the report are greater than our knowledge of that issue.  Over all the above expenses and start to finish process are the norm & to be expected.